The gentle protection of Picaridin


Now available in the Philippines

Based on a compound found in plant peppers that naturally repels insects, Picaridin is just as effective as DEET, but does not cause skin irritation or corrode materials.

Guard insect repellent has 10% Picaridin which is guaranteed to protect against mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and fleas. Its action involves blocking insects’ sensors for the smell of human blood. So we become “invisible” to them and safe against their bites.

Picaridin itself is non-sticky. That’s why Guard is non-sticky and non-greasy, plus comes in a clean, powder-fresh scent. It feels lighter and fresher on your skin, so you can safely keep it on your skin for up to 4-6 hours of proven effectivity.

So far, Picaridin is the preferred insect repellent ingredient in Europe and Australia, and is widely used in the US.

And because it is less prone to irritate skin, Picaridin has been approved and recommended by the World Health Organization, American publication Consumer Reports, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Guard can be safely applied on children ages 12 months and up, and ideal for use on your whole family!


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